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Dolly Parton suffers minor injuries from fender-bender

Probably the last thing on country superstar Dolly Parton's mind while she was driving through Nashville was that a car would fail to yield, and a crash would ensure. The singer, famous for covering "Last Thing on My Mind," rode as passenger in an SUV that was struck at an intersection. Parton sustained minor injuries -- injuries that thankfully only caused a little soreness and fatigue. She tweeted her status shortly after the accident, and announced that she will be doing a number of concerts in Europe next June and July.

Even when the resulting injuries are only minor, a car accident is still a painful, often traumatic affair. Whiplash, one of the most common injuries that occur from a car accident, can cause long-term symptoms that may not always appear to be severe, but are almost always a nuisance that may require medical care.

Symptoms might not become apparent for a few weeks, but in the days following a fender-bender victims may start experiencing dizziness, headaches, back pain, memory problems and stiffness in the neck along with a number of other painful annoyances.

In these cases, not only is it important for these victims to seek out medical care, it is also wise that they consider the legal options available. If the person driving the other car can be proven negligent in court, the victim has a chance of receiving compensation for the damage done. This includes money to cover the medical expenses a victim has had to endure and any other costs resulting from the accident.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Dolly Parton sustains minor injuries in minor car crash," Christie D'Zurilla, Oct. 22, 2013

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