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Drunk driving accident claims two lives in Shelbyville

An accident in Shelbyville, Tennessee, has led to the death of two Bedford County residents. The accident occurred during early morning hours on Shelbyville's Highway 64. According to police reports, a Toyota Tundra went off the road, hit a culvert and then spun around and hit a tree. The 29-year-old driver of the Toyota and a 28-year-old passenger were declared dead at the scene. Another 22-year-old passenger in the back seat of the car sustained critical injuries, but is now in stable condition. Police report this was an alcohol-related accident.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol has stated that speeding and drinking were factors that led to the accident. The two victims are the second and third traffic fatalities in Bedford County in 2013. The accident is still under investigation by the police.

Speeding and drinking are the most common factors that lead to traffic accidents. Speeding causes a driver to lose control of the vehicle and drinking decreases the decision-making capability of the driver, both of which result in accidents. Negligent drivers can cause serious injuries to themselves and other people, which can lead to partial or permanent disability or even death.

The state laws of Tennessee provide innocent accident victims with the benefit of claiming monetary damages suffered from an accident. These damages can include medical expenses and lost wages from the at-fault driver or their auto insurance company. Though no amount of monetary compensation can compensate for a lost life, it can help the loved ones of a victim deal with financial stresses related to their loss.

Source: News Channel 5, "Two Men Killed In Bedford County Crash", Jan. 28, 2013

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