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New Year's Day accident leaves two injured

A car accident in the early hours of New Year's Day has left two people injured. The injured have been identified as two Tennessee Tech students. The preliminary investigation revealed that one of the students was driving his Toyota Camry at a very high speed. The passenger of the Toyota Camry informed the police that he and the driver had left a bar and were heading toward a hookah lounge when the collision occurred.

According to the passenger, as the Toyota came near an intersection, it collided with another car that was traveling on the cross street. The second car involved in the accident was a Honda CRV, and the driver was on his way home after attending a fundraising event. The collision occurred in the intersection, and the impact caused the Honda CRV to rotate 180 degrees before it came to rest at the intersection.

According to police, the Toyota Camry continued on for about 150 feet after impact when it ran off the road and collided with a large sign. The driver of the Toyota had to be extricated from the wreck by firefighters, though the passenger of the Toyota was able to climb out before the arrival of emergency personnel. The driver and the passenger of the Toyota were taken to Cookeville Regional Medical Center. The driver of the Honda CRV did not sustain serious injuries in the accident. The investigating officers suspect that speeding and drinking caused the accident.

Speeding and alcohol are the prime factors responsible for many accidents. While driving, people should ensure that they are driving within the prescribed speed limit and should avoid alcohol while driving. Accident victims are legally entitled to claim monetary losses from a negligent party whose negligence caused the accident. Damages in the form of compensation can cover medical expenses, lost wages, cost of repairs and other related expenses from the insurers of the negligent driver, as the liability of the accident rests with the negligent driver.

Source: Herald-Citizen, "Two injured in New Year's Day crash," Mary Jo Denton, Jan. 2, 2013

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