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Speeding, erratic Tennessee driver causes eight-car pileup

Drivers who chose to engage in aggressive and reckless driving behaviors put themselves and everyone else on the road in danger. Eight cars were recently involved in a car accident pileup that resulted when a driver who was driving erratically and at an excessive speed sideswiped several vehicles before eventually crashing.

According to the police report, the driver of a Dodge Intrepid was seen driving erratically. Eyewitnesses report seeing the car run several red lights and swerve in and out of traffic lanes. The car eventually sideswiped several vehicles and who were stopped at a red traffic light and then crashed into more vehicles.

A total of eight vehicles were involved in the crash as some drivers, who were trying to avoid being hit by the negligent driver, also crashed into other vehicles. The multiple-car crash involved twelve individuals, three of which required medical attention and were taken to a nearby hospital.

While police continue to investigate the accident, it seems likely that alcohol or drugs may have contributed to the crash.

In this incident, it's obvious that the driver of the Dodge Intrepid was negligent. The three individuals who required medical treatment for their injuries may chose to file personal injury lawsuits against the negligent driver.

A personal injury lawsuit can help recover compensation related to medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. Even the other drivers and passengers who did not require immediate medical care may suffer notice lingering effects of the crash. Often, injuries like whiplash and contusions can lead to more serious health problems if left untreated.

Source: The Tennessean, "Clarksville Police investigation 8-car pileup," Nicole Young, Oct. 20, 2012

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