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Tennessee teen crashes car due to "horseplay"

We have covered many Tennessee teen car accidents in previous posts. Car accidents are the leading killer of teens across the country and many of these accidents are attributable to driver inexperience. One facet of driver inexperience is taking unnecessary risks on the road. Four young people were injured last weekend in a teen car accident attributable to "horseplay."

The accident happened on Saturday evening on U.S. 41A by Ashland City. Authorities say that the 16-year-old driver told his 11-year-old brother that he could drive the jeep. The comment was a joke, but a backseat passenger decided to distract the driver and caused him to lose control of the jeep. The jeep slid off of the road and went into a ditch and hit a pole.

Four people suffered personal injuries in this accident and some had to be extricated from the jeep. Authorities took over two hours to remove a 14-year-old passenger from the jeep. The girl had broken bones and internal injuries and was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition. Two other car accident victims were also taken to Nashville hospitals with the LifeFlight helicopter service.

This accident is a reminder that driving is a serious responsibility and that horseplay can have extremely serious consequences. It is unclear whether any of the young people injured in this accident will suffer permanent injuries that will have a lasting impact on their education or occupation choices. It is also unclear whether a personal injury lawsuit will be filed in connection with this crash.

Source: The Leaf Chronicle, "'Horseplay' leads to injuries for four youths in Clarksville crash," Oct. 23, 2011

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