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Tennessee football fan files personal injury lawsuit after car wreck

A Tennessee football fan has filed a personal injury lawsuit against a NFL player for reckless driving. The fan says that Albert Haynesworth III , who is now a defensive tackle for the New England Patriots, was driving "like a maniac" when he crashed in into the 28-year-old man's car at over 100 mph.

The NFL player's Ferrari 599 GTB sent the Nashville man's car into a concrete barrier, leaving him partially paralyzed. The football player pleaded no contest to charges of reckless driving and completed three months of probation for the crash. The Ferrari only suffered bumper damage from this serious car accident which the NFL player alleges was caused by his car fishtailing on black ice as he was on the way to Tennessee Titans practice.

The Nashville man suffered catastrophic injuries and can no longer perform his janitorial job. He recently filed a lawsuit against the NFL star for $7.5 million and hopes that the football player can be held accountable for causing this serious accident.

An attorney for the football player said that the football player "feels bad" for causing such severe injuries and stressed that the football player was a "decent human being." The attorney also noted that this situation could be resolved if a "reasonable accommodation could be reached."

The injured Nashville man said that reasonable accommodations would include handicapped-friendly modifications to his parents' house so he can care for himself rather than having a caregiver hold a bed pan for him. The man also said that the hopes to get better someday so that he can take care of his parents the same way that they have taken care of him.

Source: The Boston Herald, "Disabled crash victim to Albert Haynesworth: 'I'm still here," Laurel J. Sweet, Aug. 5, 2011

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