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Tennessee student saves others after car accident death

Graduation celebrations at one Tennessee high school are dampened by the loss of one of its star students. A Columbia Center High School senior died four days after being in a car accident but ended up saving about a dozen lives through her organ donations.

The car accident happened less than a mile away from Central High School when the student lost control of her SUV, hit a pole, and flipped her SUV. She was not wearing a seat belt.

In previous posts we discussed the frightening statistics regarding teen driving deaths. Car accidents are the leading cause of death for teens and approximately 4,000 teens die every year in car accidents. The majority of these accidents are attributable to inexperience which may cause a teen to lose control of his or her vehicle. Other factors that contribute to deadly teen car accidents include driving distraction and failing to wear a seat belt.

Although the Columbia High School senior's death may be unfortunately common for drivers her age, she is not just another statistic and her memory will live on in the minds of classmates and friends.

"She has a tight group of friends that they all came to school, they all stuck together and they all toughened it out. I know how hard that must be for them," of the student's teachers said. "It was kind of devastating that I knew it was one of my kids."

The student was president of her school's National Honor Society and ranked 17th in her class with a 3.9 GPA. She planned to attend the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga on a scholarship in the fall.

Source: WSMV-TV, "HS Senior's Organs Go To About 12 People," Josh DeVine, 5/4/11

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