Holiday Travel Safety

You may not have to practice safety precautions while watching the latest Netflix series on your couch, but traveling during the holiday seasons requires a little more focus and energy.

Taking the right safety precautions can help protect your family or friends, so check out this list of practical safety measures while traveling during this holiday season. 

Wear a Mask in Public 

At this point, wearing a mask is the latest fashion statement. Make sure to have your best masks with you when you enter a gas station, restaurant, or any proximity of people. 

Stay 6-ft Apart 

We have all heard the importance of staying six-feet apart during this holiday season, but now more than ever, STAY SIX-FEET APART. But really, try to keep distance between you and any strangers while grabbing your favorite snack at the gas station. 

Wash Hands Often

Washing your hands can often prevent you catching or even spreading COVID-19. Especially when you encounter people outside your main bubble, you should wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. 

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Consider Your Mode of Transportation

Traveling during the holidays comes in all shapes and sizes, and now’s the time to consider the safest mode of transportation to your family or friend’s house. Taking a private vehicle with your immediate family is the safest option, but if public transportation is your only option, remember to avoid touching surfaces, wear your mask, and use lots of hand sanitizer. 

Air Travel 

Flying may be your only feasible option for your desired destination. Try to avoid any layovers, as you may have to spend unnecessary time sitting next to strangers. Also, if possible, fly with as many seats as possible between you and other passengers. 

Book your Own Place 

If visiting the family for a short period of time, and feel uncertain about their carefulness during quarantine, invest in your own place to stay during the stay. Plus, staying at a local hotel or Airbnb will support local businesses.   

We understand that accidents can happen when traveling, and safety precautions cannot prevent everything. If you or a loved one has experienced a serious injury while on the road, call Bart Durham.

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