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4th Annual Holiday Open House a BIG Success

Editor's Note :: Matt Hollingsworth is a content writer who was invited to Bart Durham Injury Law's Holiday Open House to share his experience with our readers.

Every door in the office was wrapped up like the world’s largest Christmas presents. Paper snowflakes dangled from the ceilings. Lawyers and paralegals wore sweaters of questionable quality.

Welcome to Bart Durham’s 4th Annual Holiday Open House, held on Friday, December 13. This year, the staff had transformed their office into a winter wonderland, and the public were invited to tour, and get free framed pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Santa and Mrs. Claus

If someone crashes into Santa’s sleigh, he’ll know who to call.

Guests were asked to bring food or money donations for Smithson Craighead Academy, an elementary school in Madison TN.

The staff of Bart Durham were also engaged in a cut-throat competition for both ugliest sweater and best decorated door, and the prizes they carried.

Door Holiday Party

Meet Paralegal Assistant ReNashia Davis by her office door.

Door entries included a list of Christmas wishes for the whole office, which had wishes like “A paralegal to call my very own” and “More epic Disney movies.” Another office showcased an adorable baby picture of Frosty the Snowman. Others featured cute yetis, roadmaps to the North Pole, and snowmen made of shells.

Baby Frosty the Snowman

Confession: I accidentally knocked off the F earlier in the day, so for about half an hour, the joke didn’t make a lot of sense.

Christmas Pickle_Holiday Party_Bart Durham Injury Law_Nashville TN

Can you find the Christmas Pickle on the tree? You may have to zoom in.

A gaggle of paralegals adorned in red and green chatted in the conference room as children (and adults) took photos with Santa. Walking down the hallways, there was enough wrapping paper on the walls to print a small legal textbook on. It took them almost two weeks of work to get the office ready, but the end result was wonderful.

“We’re open,” explained Marketing Consultant Brent Meredith. “People can come visit and meet people… They’re welcome to come by anytime, not just open house.”

The firm was also collecting for their Angel Tree adoptees. Angel Tree is a program that gives toys and Christmas presents for children who otherwise might not get any.

After all the votes were tallied, the winners for best decorated room and best outfit were as follows:

Favorite Room Decoration

Ugliest Sweater/Holiday Outfit

1st place: Nicole

1st place: Alex

2nd place: Lura

2nd place: Nicole

3rd place Tie: Alex & ReNashia

3rd place: Jayla

4th place: Sara

4th place: Ashley

5th place: Aimee

5th place: Sara

Winner_Holiday Party_Bart Durham Injury Law_Nashville TN

Nicole’s winning door. Who doesn’t love a good pun.

Alex Ugly Outfit Win

Alex, the honorable (or dishonorable) winner.

The law firm also gave away $500 for a shopping spree to one lucky guest—Mr. Jim P. pictured below.

Jim P. $500 Winner

The event ended up raising $500 (including the law firm’s own donation) and collecting 200 pounds of food for Smithson Craighead Academy.

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