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ATV Safety Tips

With no signs, no limits, and no roads, an ATV can take you anywhere your heart desires. While it’s thrilling fun, they can be extremely dangerous if not properly ridden, so check out these six tips we’ve created to help you safely enjoy the adrenaline rush of a lifetime. 


Even if you’re a pro-rider, you know that rolling over is more common than anyone expects. Wearing the proper gear, a helmet, goggles, gloves, long sleeves, long pants, and over-the-ankle-shoes, will prepare you for an unexpected landing over the next big hill. 

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Trails Only, Never Roads

Taking to the road for McDonald’s may seem like a great idea at the moment, but getting in a wreck could severely injure your life plans. Avoid driving on open roads unless permitted-by-law, as these are off-road vehicles. Rather, spend your time dominating the trails or pulling weight around the farm. 

Drinking & Riding Don’t Mix

Just like driving a car, you never, EVER, want to drive an ATV while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It’s like oil and water, they don’t mix! 

Plus, impairing your reaction time could place you and your loved ones in serious danger. It ain’t worth it! 

Watch Your Speed

Living life in the fast lane may look fun in the movies, but when you’re on the trail, speed can be the difference between life and death. Going slower over the hills, creeks, and up a mountain can save you from an injury.

So take time to check your speed before tearing up the terrain. 

Buddy System 

In an accident-prone sport, never ride alone, and even better, try to have at least two riders with you at all times. Run out of gas? Flip over your ATV? Get a serious injury? Have a support team with you to ensure a safe and daring ride.

Be Aware

Keep track of your buddies, and keep track of your surroundings. Be on the lookout for sudden potholes and critters crossing the trail. It may be fun to fly over the hills, but popping off is common, so be prepared for the right flight. 

Even if you followed these safety tips, you or a loved one may have experienced a serious injury from an unexpected accident. Get in touch with one of our lawyers today to get the compensation you deserve! 

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