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March 2019 News

Pedestrian Rights in Tennessee

Pedestrians and drivers often meet at intersections, parking lots, and driveways. Sometimes that pedestrian will cross the street unexpectedly causing safety issues for themselves and the driver. Other times, cars speed through an intersection where the pedestrian has the right [...]
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4 Tips for Motorcycle Safety this Spring

In 2016, the federal government estimated that per total miles traveled, the number of deaths of people riding motorcycles was approximately 28 times that of people driving cars. While riding motorcycles is factually a more dangerous activity than getting behind the wheel of a [...]
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7 Things You Need to Know about Attorney-Client Privilege

We take our cases very seriously, and we take your privacy seriously as well. Attorney-client privilege exists to help us keep your information confidential before, during, and after your case. It’s about respecting our clients.
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Signs an Elderly Loved One May Need to Stop Driving

It's never easy to see loved ones get older, especially when simple tasks start to become difficult. Unfortunately, some of our senior loved ones will get to a place where they are no longer driving safely. 
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Medical Transportation Costs:  What You Should Expect to Pay

In an emergency, there’s not much time to think. Someone you love is hurt, and you call 911. The dispatcher sends an ambulance. Your loved one is rushed to the nearest emergency room, and they are treated on the way to and at the hospital. It’s not until you get the bill that [...]
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