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November 2017 News

How do I pay my bills after an accident?

After a car or big truck accident has caused injury to you or your loved ones, the last thing you want to worry about is the bill. Paying for medical bills after an accident is not a fun topic, but one that must be discussed.
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Can I afford an injury lawyer?

Many people who are in serious car accidents feel overwhelmed. The medical bills pile up, and after several calls with insurance, they're nowhere closer to receiving a settlement check to cover their expenses than when they first began.
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Medical device recalls: Common questions

A medical device recall is every bit as serious as it sounds. When a company finds that there is a problem with one of their devices, they are expected to take immediate action. This can mean one of two things:
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The risks posed by hackers taking control of your vehicle

The dashboard on contemporary cars do a lot more than provide you with the time, temperature outside or information about how well your car's systems are functioning. They now can allow you to stream music from online sources, get driving directions and maps to help you commute [...]
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Amazon sued after hoverboard set home ablaze

This past January, a $1 million-dollar home was completely lost to fire. The fire was reportedly due to a dangerous product sold by Amazon -- the hoverboard.
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A new auto defect alert warning system to be tested in Maryland

Statistics recently released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggest that at least 30 percent of all cars operating on United States roadways are doing so in ill repair.
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Medicare and consumers pay for faulty heart devices

A heart device is every bit as important as it sounds. Any patient with one of these relies on it to improve his or her heart health, which is imperative to living a better life.
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Understanding defective medical device recalls

When a manufacturer becomes aware of problems with one of its medical devices, it notifies the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that one of two actions need to happen. The first is a correction, which deals with fixing a problem where the medical device is sold or used. The [...]
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7 things drug labels must contain

Drugs are not just dangerous when they're defective or not manufactured properly. They can also be dangerous if they are not labeled correctly. Though the drug itself could technically be safe, a mistake on a label can lead to serious issues for those using it.
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Phthalate levels in kids' toys reduced for safety

According to a recent statement released by the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), adverse incidents with products cause not just property damage but injuries and deaths to American consumers. They also carry a hefty price tag of over $1 trillion a year.
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