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August 2017 News

How can pedestrians avoid a serious accident?

In today's modern, health-conscious age, a growing number of people are walking to and from work, school and other destinations.
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What happens after an Uber accident?

Uber and other similar services are becoming quite popular. However, the laws are having some difficulty keeping up with the liability for such vehicles when they are involved in accidents. The confusion extends to drivers and passengers in Tennessee and Kentucky who may not [...]
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A line of liquid pharmaceutical products is recalled

A recall of dietary supplements and liquid vitamins manufactured by the now-defunct Davie, Florida-based PharmaTech LLC has been issued by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
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Don’t overlook the potential of medical malpractice

In a perfect world, you would never have to visit with a doctor. Instead, you would remain 100 percent healthy at all times.
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What are the top causes of bicycle accident injuries and deaths?

There are many good reasons to ride a bicycle, such as the ability to get exercise as you commute to and from work. Unfortunately, just the same as a motor vehicle, riding a bike can be dangerous at times.
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Hydroplaning: Things you can do to avoid trouble

As a driver in the state of Tennessee, you know that rain can move into the area at pretty much any time of the year.
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Are you driving on defective tires?

When you purchase a new vehicle, you expect that every part, including the tires, was designed with your safety in mind. The same holds true if you purchase new tires for an existing vehicle.
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Motorcyclists and cars turning left in front of them

Motorcyclists realize that danger lurks around every corner, with any type of accident having the potential to cause serious injury.
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Four common types of auto injuries can cause major harm

Auto accidents are no joking manner. Every single year, more than three million people are injured in car and truck accidents across the country, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
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Multi-vehicle accidents can be common and sometimes complicated

Multi-car accidents are very common. It's estimated that up to ⅓ of all car accidents involve more than two vehicles. In Tennessee, 46% of all accidents were multi-vehicle accidents in 2015. Multi-car accidents also include pile-ups and chain-reaction accidents. Not many people [...]
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Modifying a vehicle could make it harder to sue for defects

When your vehicle is defective, it causes an accident, and you're injured, you may be able to sue based on those defects. You're likely facing medical bills and other costs, and you may deserve compensation.
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Spinal cord injuries and outcomes will vary

Any type of spinal cord injury, regardless of the cause, has the potential to change a person's life forever. In the most serious of situations, this type of injury can lead to a person's premature death. Any type of trauma to the spinal cord, such as in a car accident or sports [...]
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