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August 2016 News

Are you familiar with defective medical devices?

It goes without saying that you rely on your medical team to provide you with high quality advice and guidance. Furthermore, you hope that any medical device you come in contact with will improve your level of health. Unfortunately, there are times when a defective medical [...]
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Dangerous drugs infect patient safety

When we go to the doctor with an injury or illness, we often receive some medication to alleviate the symptoms and help us feel better. In most cases, that is exactly what happens. However, in too many situations, taking a doctor-prescribed drug only makes matters worse.
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When a hip replacement doesn't go as planned

A hip replacement surgery is meant to make your life better, to relieve you of pain and allow you to reclaim the mobility you have lost that has kept you from participating fully in your favorite activities.
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Understanding Car Insurance Quotes

It's easy to forget how wonderful car insurance is until you need it. Car insurance can greatly reduce or eliminate your out-of-pocket costs when an accident occurs, whether it's your fault or not. This is also where it can be confusing, too. What will insurance cover? What [...]
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An auto defect can cause a serious accident

When you purchase a vehicle, you hope that you are getting something that is 100 percent safe. You know that you could be involved in an accident, but you don't expect to be injured as the result of a defect.
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How do Tennessee drivers know if there is an accident on their route?

Listening to traffic reports, checking the SmartWay system and watching for signs of a wreck may help drivers anticipate and avoid crashes on their routes.
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What To Do if You Have a Rental Car Accident

So, you've rented a new car for a dream vacation. While on your getaway, you get into an auto accident...not so dreamy any more, right? Car accidents can happen at any time, even while renting a car on vacation.
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