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Warning signs of car electrical system problems

Cars are so important to the lives of billions of people worldwide. They are used to get to and from work, school, home, the store, the doctor and many other places. Even though cars are important, they are also dangerous. Defective auto parts can cause quite a bit of damage to a vehicle and even injury to those inside or near the vehicle. Here are the warnings signs of car electrical system problems.

One of the most common signs of a problem with your car's electrical system is that the engine will not crank. Most drivers automatically assume that their battery is dead or the starter has gone bad. While these are more often than not the reason why the engine won't start, they are not the only reason. There are times when there could be a part in the electrical component of the car that is defective. This can lead to the battery draining and the engine not starting.

Dim brake lights or headlights can be an indicator of an electrical problem in your car. Dim lights don't always mean that the bulbs will need to be replaced soon. Dim lights could be a sign that there is a charging malfunction within the car. Dim lights could also signal loose wires, electrical system resistance or a badly discharged battery.

If you smell burning plastic when your car is running, you likely have an electrical problem. This smell should never be ignored. It could lead to a fire in your vehicle if not fixed immediately.

If there is an item in the car drawing too much current, you will likely have blown fuses. Do not just replace the fuse and consider the issue fixed. You will want to find the problem first and then come up with a solution. If you find yourself replacing fuses on a regular basis, you have a much more significant electrical problem.

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