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What makes rear-end collisions so common?

One moment you are sitting in traffic and the next someone hits your car and you are propelled into the vehicle in front of you. The crash was completely out of your control and now you might have to pay for damages? Rear-end collisions happen every day and are the most common type of car accident. So why do these frustrating accidents happen so often?

Rear-end collisions can happen due to a lot of different reasons such as tailgating, rainy weather, and speeding. Although these factors have a large impact, the growing reason for rear-end collisions are recently from distracted drivers.

The typical Tennessee driver can verify with anecdotal evidence that distracted driving is a rising issue. It's easy to spot the drivers who are on their phones swerving back and forth in their lane. These drivers have their eyes locked down on their phones and their foot on the gas pedal. The number of drivers using their phones while driving has grown from 1.7 percent in 2013 to 2.2 percent in 2014. Texting while driving is very dangerous. Sending one text at 55 mph is equivalent to crossing a football field with your eyes closed. That is why it is so easy for a distracted driver to drive right into someone ahead of them who has slowed down in traffic.

With smartphone ownership on the rise, larger amounts of people are tempted to use their phone behind the wheel. But why is it so hard to just put the phone down? It becomes instinct to check your phone when you hear a ping. Notifications pop up with a glaring red color, just asking to be opened. Smartphone technology is developed to keep you addicted. Such features are designed to keep you engaged; and teens are especially receptive.

Teens tend to communicate mostly through text and expect instant response. Kids age 15 to 19 years old are the largest proportion of drivers who have caused a car accident due to being distracted. In a recent poll it was found that over half of teens admit they are addicted to their phones. With growing numbers like these it is important to put the phone down and show a good example. If you have found yourself a victim of a rear-end collision then contact an attorney to learn how you can get payment for the damages you have lost.

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