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No matter how small a rear-end accident, know your rights

There are nearly endless possibilities when it comes to the causes of car accidents. Any number of factors can combine together to create a difficult and dangerous situation for drivers and their passengers. There are, however, some common types of car accidents including rear-end collisions and wrecks caused by drunk drivers. These common accidents are no less dangerous than other more unique situations.

Rear-end accidents, can be particularly dangerous in some situations. This was recently seen in an accident highlighted on this blog. In that case, two people were killed and several were injured when a woman rear-ended another car waiting at a red light.

Not all rear-end accidents result in fatalities. Some can result in whiplash or other injuries. These injuries can take weeks or months to even diagnose and treat. They can be costly and have long-lasting effects for the accident victims.

The staff at Bart Durham understand the possible outcomes for rear-end car accidents. Our attorneys have years of experience in dealing with all types of car accidents across the state of Tennessee. After handling more than 4,000 accident cases, our attorneys understand the details that can be important in a case. They can help injured parties to use these details to their advantage.

Whether a rear-end accident was caused by driver negligence or faulty auto-parts, injured parties may be entitled to compensation. We work with medical experts, accident reconstruction experts and others to determine what happened and why.

Even small and common accidents cost people money. We are here to make sure that they do not ruin a person's financial future. Instead, we work to get people the compensation they need from a negligent party. For more information on how our firm can help people following a rear-end accident, please see our website.

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