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What are the impacts of "Amelia's Law" in Tennessee?

Effective July 1, a new driving under the influence law went into effect. It's important to be familiar with all new applicable laws in the state of Tennessee. If you are involved in an accident, knowledge of laws can help you receive compensation, especially if another driver was negligent. Car accidents can cause serious damage and if another driver was committing a misdemeanor or felony, they have responsibility for the car accident.

Tennessee lawmakers approved SB 1962, otherwise known as "Amelia's Law" and it came into effect on July 1. Amelia's Law provides stricter punishments for repeat drug and alcohol users. The law allows for a judge to issue a monitoring device that would measure blood alcohol content for offenders or recent parolees. This device would only be permissible if drugs or alcohol were used while committing an offense.

The device, as approved by "Amelia's Law," would measure drug or alcohol levels through the skin. The device would automatically test a person's blood alcohol content every half hour.

The law will impact drivers who were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It will also expand the use of the device to those involved in assault, domestic violence and other offenses involving drugs and alcohol.

In Tennessee, getting into an accident can be serious, especially if a drunk driver is involved. New laws being introduced by the state can help keep dangerous drivers off the roads. It can help prevent serious accidents that lead to a death. "Amelia's Law" helps to provide additional safety precautions to prevent serious injuries or deaths. A death due to a DUI is unfortunate and "Amelia's Law" is a new way to help save lives.

Source: The State of Tennessee, "State of Tennessee Public Chapter No. 567," accessed on July 27, 2014

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