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Plastic found on frozen pizzas lead to recall in California, US

Deciding what food to buy at the grocery store can be complicated enough. When consumers start thinking about all the food products that are recalled for being unsafe or dangerous to consume, they may never look at buying food in the same way ever again.

The most recent food products being recalled are select frozen pizzas made by DiGiornio and California Pizza Kitchen. The frozen pizzas were recalled because they may have small plastic fragments in the product. Any time food is recalled there is a danger to consumers because many people may have already bought and even consumed the defective product before the recall has been issued. 

The manufacturer of these two popular frozen pizza brands initiated the recall after consumers contacted the company and complained that there were clear plastic fragments on their pizzas. The manufacturer issued the recall and notified the Food and Drug Administration.

The company said they traced the plastic fragments back to some spinach they received and put on certain pizzas. They said the pizzas that could possibly have the plastic fragments on them were made in February and March of this year and informed consumers to check the date on their frozen pizzas to see if they may have bought any during that time frame. The company also notified the stores that sell these pizzas and asked them to stop selling products.

This case is an example of a company voluntary recalling their product to protect consumers from any adverse reactions. While it is good to know that some companies will issue a recall for the safety of the public, not all companies do so. Many times, a recall is not issued until a serious complication or fatality results from the defective or dangerous product.

In either case, consumers who have been harmed by a dangerous or defective product do have rights and may be able to take legal action against the manufacturer who made and sold the product. Individuals who have been harmed by a defective product should contact a product liability attorney to discuss their case.

Source: CBS News, "Frozen pizza recall: DiGiorno, California Pizza Kitchen products affected," Ryan Jaslow, May 3, 2013

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