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Natural sunscreen recalled for possible bacteria contamination

There never seems to be an end to product recalls. From food to auto parts, many Nashville citizens are benefited when companies recall products, while others find out the hard way that a product has a manufacturing defect. In an effort to decrease the number of victims exposed to a defective product, most organizations will voluntarily recall dangerous products and warn the general public to avoid them.

According to reports, this is exactly what occurred recently by Badger, a manufacturer of natural sunscreen. The company said that quality assurance checks revealed that the sunscreen, which is marketed for use on children and babies, contained various fungus and bacteria microbes. They maintain, however, that the recalled products were tested before they hit store shelves. 30,000 tubes were recalled.

The company CEO reached out to consumers via an online statement to explain that authorities in the field of toxicology believe that only those with extremely injured skin or a compromised immune system would suffer from problems caused by the microbes.

Badger says that they are reworking the product’s ingredients, and assert that an issue with its unstable preservatives led the organic sunscreen to grow the microbes. Sources do not indicate whether or not anyone has claimed sickness or injury of any kind resulting from use of the sunscreen.

Although experts claim that the sunscreen will affect a minority of users, every person reacts to fungus and bacteria in an individualized way. If you have become sick as a result of a defective product, discussing your rights with a products liability attorney may benefit you.

Source: USA Today, “Sunscreens for babies, kids, recalled for contamination,” Kim Painter, Sep. 26, 2013

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