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August 2018 News

Hurt because of defects? You can file a claim

Imagine that you're driving down the street at a normal pace, around 25 mph. You press down on the brake to slow before you make a turn into your apartment complex. As you begin to press down, you realize that the brake isn't working. How could that be? You just had them [...]
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Transvaginal mesh: Complications are possible

For many years, transvaginal mesh has been used as a means of strengthening the structure of the vaginal wall. While the use of this flexible patch is primarily for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse, there are other conditions where it might [...]
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Do you understand the severity of internal bleeding?

Internal bleeding is a serious medical concern that can impact your body in many ways. If not treated promptly, it also has the potential to cause death. Usually, internal bleeding is caused by a disease, a medical condition or injury.
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Tips to help prevent a fatal equipment accident

Heavy equipment is used in a variety of industries, all with the idea of increasing productivity, reducing the need for physical labor and speeding up the task at hand.
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