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May 2018 News

Giveaways during United Pro Wrestling event in Bowling Green, July 14

WIN a 50" HDTV! Visit our booth at the Kentucky National Guard Recruiting building on July 14, to pick up some FREE Bart Durham Injury Law swag and to enter the TV drawing.
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Millions of faulty Takata air bags are still in vehicles

Most everyone is familiar with the Takata air bag recall. Approximately 30 million vehicles made by 19 auto manufacturers were recalled for defective inflators that could cause the bags to explode and spew metal pieces out at drivers and passengers. The defective air bags have [...]
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HIV drug linked to serious birth defects

An antiretroviral drug that is used to treat HIV has been linked to serious birth defects in children born to women who were taking the drug when they became pregnant and in the beginning of their first trimester. The drug, dolutegravir, is believed to increase a baby's chances [...]
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Electric Scooters are Convenient if Used Safely

Electric scooters have popped up everywhere. You locate them through an app on your phone and rent them directly through the app. They're designed to provide a clean and convenient mode of transportation for people in urban areas and help reduce motor traffic.
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Tips for handling a medical device recall

Getting old is never fun. There are parts of your body that just decide to stop working properly. Even if you are not that old you might need to have a medical device installed to help you walk, help your heart beat or help you maintain a proper sugar level. Whatever the reason, [...]
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Can I sue for injuries if I didn't make recall repairs?

Despite efforts automobile manufacturers and government agencies' efforts to make to try to make car owners aware of recalls on their vehicles, the word doesn't reach everyone.
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5 Tips to Safely Pass a Tractor Trailer

Summer is here, which means road trips galore! But that also means increased traffic.
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100,000 Americans die of pharmaceutical errors annually

Most adverse side effects to a prescription drug often occur because a drug manufacturer, doctor or pharmacist failed to disclose any known harm the medication could do to patients by taking it.
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Potential airbag injuries: Watch out for these

It goes without saying that airbags are installed in all new vehicles with the idea of saving lives. However, in the event of a defect in malfunctioning airbags, these safety devices can cause more harm than good.
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Could a medical device you use be a fake?

Would it shock you to know that 8 percent of medical devices -- including things like plates, surgical mesh and screws that are meant to be inserted inside the bodies of patients -- are fakes?
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How can you spot a defective tire?

As you drive your car, its tires are the only things making contact with the road. For this reason, it's imperative that they are in good working condition at all times. It only takes one defect to improve the likelihood of being part of an accident.
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Importance of automotive recalls in Tennessee

People owns vehicles for various reasons. One of the most common is that they need to get to and from work. Others use them for work itself, to get to school or simply for fun. Whatever the reason, it's important to take care of the vehicle so there are no issues. When a recall [...]
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