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January 2018 News

DePuy hip replacement defect: Are you a victim?

If you opt for any type of hip replacement surgery, you expect to feel better after the procedure. Sure, there is a recovery period, but as the days go by, you hope to regain the level of health you've been expecting.
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Drowsy driving is a huge problem in the United States

When you take to the road as a driver, you know that you could run into all types of trouble. From a breakdown to an accident, you never fully know what to expect (even though you're hoping for the best).
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Safety group requests the release of Goodyear tire death records

Representatives with the Center for Auto Safety (CAS) have petitioned the Naitonal Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to order Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. to release previously sealed documents. They're hoping that by requesting that the records be made public, it [...]
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Defective toys: These tips can help avoid trouble

As a parent, you know one thing to be true: Your children enjoy playing with toys. While there is nothing wrong with this, you also realize that not every toy is as safe as it should be.
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What does a medical device recall do?

A medical device recall can typically be started by the company that made the device, as a voluntary recall, or by the government. Many companies, when they learn of issues that would mandate a recall, will simply issue it on their own to avoid having one issued by the [...]
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Methylphenidate linked to birth defects

A drug used for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has been tied to a heart defect in babies, according to a report published on January 11, 2018. A study discovered that women taking Concerta, Ritalin and similar drugs for ADHD faced an increased likelihood of having [...]
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Winter Driving Tips to Help Keep You Safe

There is never a good time to take risks when you're behind the wheel of your vehicle. Doing this increases the chance of an accident, and that's not something you ever want to deal with.
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Auto defects: As serious as they sound

Like most people, there's a good chance you spend a good amount of time behind the wheel of your car. While you assume your vehicle will keep you safe at all times, you never know what could happen when you hit the road.
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Kids' makeup pulled after asbestos report

A report from a CNN affiliate claimed that a number of types of children's makeup being sold at Claire's stunningly contained tremolite asbestos.
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Popular 2018 auto models included in recent recalls

2018 may have just started, but some new auto models are already being recalled for serious safety hazards. It's important for those who have purchased these cars to know the risks they face.
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