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November 2015 News

Tennessee principal facing second DUI

There are certain people in this world to whom we hold a higher standard of conduct. These people are often public servants or people in positions of authority, whose jobs involve protecting or safeguarding the well-being of others, such as teachers, police officers, and [...]
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Truck overturns in Maryland on its way to Tennessee

The sad truth is that there is not always a particular or specific cause when it comes to motor vehicle accidents. Sometimes things like truck accidents are simply that, accidents. But this does not mean that they cannot still cause significant injury to others who happen to be [...]
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Lawsuit: Defective birth control pills led to pregnancies

Of the many ways women can prevent a pregnancy, taking oral contraceptive pills may be among the most popular. In Tennessee and across the country, numerous women obtain prescriptions for the medication, taking it as the manufacturer or a physician instructs them to do so. A [...]
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Are there different types of brain injuries?

You have likely heard at some point in your life that brain injuries are extremely dangerous. Often, victims of a brain injury never fully recover, and they are left requiring living assistance or suffering from gaps in memory or even impaired motor functions. However, brain [...]
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Truck accidents could have many defendants

With the vast majority of motor vehicle accidents, the incident is between the drivers of each vehicle involved, as is any legal fallout. This essentially means that if two cars collide, or if a passenger car strikes a motorcycle, the two drivers will likely be the only parties [...]
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Tips for avoiding a deadly incident with a child’s toy

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that in 2013, there were approximately 256,700 injuries related to toys in Tennessee and across the country. Additionally, nine children 12 or younger that same year died in an incident associated with a toy. These [...]
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There may be product liability claims in your car accident

A person may suffer many different types of personal injury, including injury by a defective product, work-related injury and others. Arguably the most dangerous or catastrophic personal injuries will be the result of a car accident. Such accidents tend to be on the mind of many [...]
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Motorcycle accident victims have legal options

It is very likely that at some point in your life you came across a billboard or bumper sticker reminding you to look twice or take extra care for motorcycles. This is because motorcycle accidents do not discriminate based on gender, location or any other factor. Like every type [...]
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What should I know about auto defect lawsuits in Tennessee?

Before you file a lawsuit citing an automotive defect in Tennessee, you should know what will be expected from you. For example, state law mandates that any personal injury lawsuit must be filed within one year of the incident. Therefore, you may need to act fairly quickly in [...]
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Tennessee man involved in fatal accident

When one car rear-ends another car, the fault almost always lies with the driver behind the vehicle that did the rear-ending, and not with the driver of the vehicle that was rear-ended. Of course, there are very few guarantees when it comes to the law, and certain circumstances [...]
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Family awaits legal action against alleged drunk driver

The law is not simple. There are many specific regulations and legal actions that people can rely on in the event of an accident or crime, but circumstances always affect a particular case, which is why no two cases are alike. But sometimes there are seemingly simple or obvious [...]
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Malfunction reports lead to recall of epinephrine injectors

Having a debilitating allergy often means having to carry around medicine. Many people in Tennessee and around the country rely on injectors that can deliver life-saving medicine in the event of an emergency. Unfortunately, these devices can be prone to defects. A recent recall [...]
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I learned of an injury years after the accident. Can I still sue?

If you are involved in a car accident of any kind, it is highly recommended that you have a medical professional extensively explore your health. Even if you feel perfectly fine, it is possible that you suffered an injury that you are not aware of because it is not easily [...]
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Does drunk driving qualify as negligence?

Whenever an accident occurs, the law will be used to determine which party was at fault, and that party will be held responsible for any injuries or damages that result from the accident. This means that if you are involved in a car accident and you require medical treatment [...]
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