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July 2015 News

Intoxication adds another level of complexity to car accidents

Nobody ever wants to be involved in a car accident, as even the most minor of accidents can cause a great deal of property damage or serious injury. Even worse than being involved in a car accident is being involved in a car accident in which one of the drivers was drunk. Drunk [...]
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Bizarre car accident occurs in Tennessee

Not all car accidents occur on the highway with one vehicle smashing into another vehicle. Some car accidents occur in bizarre circumstances and unexpected places, which can make it very difficult to establish a timeline of events that led to the accident. In most cases, a [...]
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Understanding over-the-counter medications and warning labels

Consumers who suffer adverse effects from a dangerous or defective medications may have legal recourse, especially when the product labeling is insufficient. In Tennessee and around the country, there are laws that require manufacturers to alert people about any potential side [...]
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Helping Tennessee &residents with truck accident claims

If you have been injured in a truck accident, legal counseling is less of a recommendation and more of a necessity. There are a number of reasons for this, such as the increased number of regulations and restrictions required by federal and state laws in order for drivers to [...]
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What are some of the most common toy hazards?

If you are buying a toy for your child, you have every reason to expect the toy has been tested and is safe. Unfortunately, despite strict safety standards, many toys pose a serious danger to children each year in Nashville as well as everywhere else in the country.
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Fatal motorcycle accident occurs in Tennessee

When talking about motorcycle accidents, there are usually two topics that are consistently brought up: the increased risk of danger and serious injury for the motorcyclist, and the fact that many accidents occur because car drivers do not even see the smaller vehicles. A [...]
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Helping brain injury victims recover compensation

Traumatic brain injuries are amongst the most catastrophic injuries that an individual can suffer. In fact, one could argue that the only accident or injury a person could suffer that is more serious than a brain injury is death. This is because brain injuries can affect your [...]
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Driver accused of hit-and-run in Tennessee motorcycle accident

Motorcyclists often feel like second-class citizens on the road, sometimes being pushed around or bullied out by the larger vehicles that usually do not even notice the smaller vehicles. What is important to remember for motorcyclists is that you have many of the same rights on [...]
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Some summer sports and activities are dangerous for children

There are many activities that keep children occupied and having fun all summer long. However, some products, sports or games may be dangerous – even deadly – for residents in Nashville and across the country. This summer, thousands of children may be seriously injured or killed [...]
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CDC: Study shows antidepressants may cause birth defects

Depression is a complex issue affecting many people in Nashville, as well as the rest of the country. There is a variety of effective medication available to help manage the pervasive sadness and emotional mood swings that depression or other mental conditions cause. However, [...]
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What is the legal BAC limit in Tennessee?

Drunk driving is one of the most serious criminal offenses, primarily because of the risk drunk drivers pose to those with whom they share the road. While there may technically be a limit at which it is legal to drive with intoxication, the limit is so low that people would be [...]
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Tennessee brain injury statistics

We often talk about how serious brain injuries are to the victims who suffer them, often having lifelong negative effects that can make it difficult for the injured individuals to live normal lives. But knowing that an injury is dangerous does not necessarily indicate whether or [...]
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Legal assistance for truck accident victims

There are many different factors at play in the operation of a large truck, and each of these different factors can contribute to a truck accident. If one simple thing goes wrong or a single party is negligent, it can lead to a truck accident that is not your fault. Of course [...]
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