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February 2015 News

Stryker hip implants may cause tissue reaction, pain and swelling

Here at Bart Durham Injury Law, we have seen firsthand how difficult it can be for patients to recover from defective medical products. We have helped many clients gain compensation for injuries sustained due to recalled medical devices, such as Stryker hip implants.    
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Serious blood clots may result from defective medical device

People in Nashville regularly depend on a variety of medical devices. They trust that these products are safe to use, particularly when they are administered by a physician. Sometimes, however, these devices contain dangerous defects that may result in serious injuries to [...]
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The dangers of asbestos

According to Tennessee's Department of Environment and Conservation, asbestos is a mineral that was commonly used in building construction until the 1970s. When material containing asbestos is damaged or begins deteriorating, the mineral breaks up into tiny fibers that can [...]
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The basics of Tennessee’s products liability statutes

One of the most important steps in preparing for any lawsuit is determining which laws will govern the case. According to the Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute, products liability law is usually governed by previous court rulings and the provisions of [...]
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