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November 2014 News

Legal investigations into transvaginal mesh defects are ongoing

At Bart Durham Injury Law, we are constantly monitoring product safety issues affecting the people of Nashville, and one of the matters we are currently investigating involves defective transvaginal mesh. At the moment, we are looking into claims against five different companies [...]
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The role of the UCC’s warranties in product liability law

As explained by the Cornell University’s Legal Information Institute, product liability law generally stems from two sources: common law and the Uniform Commercial Code. The UCC’s implied warranties are particularly important in product liability suits, and these are codified in [...]
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What is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is often cited in news reports regarding auto defects and other safety problems relating to motor vehicles. Many of these safety issues affect those living in Nashville, so it is likely that the residents of the city would like [...]
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Summer spike in drunk driving accidents

With drunk driving accidents known to increase in the summer months, Tennessee enacts new laws to crack down on this danger.
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3 deaths, 100 injuries result from defective airbags

Most people in Nashville trust that, should an injury occur due to auto defects, it will come to the attention of the authorities and be dealt with swiftly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In some situations recalls are not issued promptly, and as a result [...]
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