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August 2014 News

Pursuing compensation after a drunk driving accident

Last week we talked about how common drunk driving accidents are throughout the United States.
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6 reports surface of medical device malfunctioning

In some instances, physicians and nurses in Nashville feel that it is appropriate to alter a medical device to meet the needs of an individual patient. Sometimes, however, products may not be suitable for these types of changes due to a design or manufacturing defect. When this [...]
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Proving trucker liability requires aggressive legal action

Last week we discussed truck accidents and how to make sure all liable parties are held accountable, including trucking companies. This is certainly an important point, but many of you may be wondering how we get to that point. The answer is that a truck driver must be proven to [...]
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Recall issued after 29 Vornado heaters overheat, melt

It can be easy for Nashville residents to forget that some of the products in their homes are in fact quite dangerous. Although used every day, appliances that rely on electricity or gas can, should they contain a defect, pose substantial risks to those who use them. Because of [...]
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Tattoo ink defect may be more widespread than initially thought

When a design or manufacturing defect is identified, recalls are often issued to prevent consumers from becoming injured. Sometimes the investigations into these problems reveal that these defects are not isolated to one batch or product line. When this occurs, it is important [...]
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How long do you have to file a lawsuit after a car accident?

Car accidents are a daily occurrence on Tennessee's streets and highways. Ranging from minor fender-benders to harrowing head-on collisions, car accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries or even death.
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What are the impacts of "Amelia's Law" in Tennessee?

Effective July 1, a new driving under the influence law went into effect. It's important to be familiar with all new applicable laws in the state of Tennessee. If you are involved in an accident, knowledge of laws can help you receive compensation, especially if another driver [...]
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GM files indicate a failure to investigate signs of fatal defect

Nashville car owners often place their families' lives in the hands of vehicle manufacturers, trusting that these cars are a safe means of transporting their loved ones. If it is discovered that a line of vehicles was allowed to stay in circulation despite a deadly defect, [...]
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What should a person do after an auto accident?

There's been an auto accident with another vehicle. Now what? The first step to take is to make sure that an injured party addresses the person's injuries and calls for help. Severe injuries may require treatment from a hospital. Dialing 911 is important in a crash so the proper [...]
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