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February 2014 News

Government warns parents about recalled car seats

Many parents thoroughly research the products they use for their children. From cribs to carriers, there are various ways people in Nashville can review the safety of items they care considering for purchase. If there is a manufacturing or design defect to the product, it can [...]
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Sale of U.S.'s highest selling car halted due to safety issues

Toyota is a very well-known brand in the United States, and many Nashville residents own vehicles manufactured by this company. Almost all car companies have faced safety issues at one point or another, but when the vehicles are as popular as those made by Toyota it can be quite [...]
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Company responsible for defective vehicle modifications settles

In some ways, motor vehicles are inherently dangerous. They are large, heavy, and can do extensive damage if drivers behave irresponsibly. However, most Nashville residents likely believe that vehicles are quite safe if operated properly and drivers adhere to all applicable [...]
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