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January 2014 News

Public awareness an issue in older product recalls

Product recalls often make front page news, particularly if they relate to a dangerous product that can be hazardous to children. Most Nashville parents are likely diligent about their children's environments, and immediately remove any items that have been recalled. However, [...]
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Unsafe child car seats uncovered by federal agency

Nashville is home to many parents of small children, who purchase products for their families with the expectation that these items have been vetted and deemed safe enough for placement on the market. When there is a potential hazard associated with a product, these parents want [...]
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Over 30,000 large trucks affected by defective seatbelt recall

It is believed that the average American spends roughly two and a half hours each day in their car. That means that a typical Nashville resident drives around for approximately 17 ½ hours each week. In contrast, a commercial truck driver can be on the road for 70 hours per week, [...]
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Is distracted driving being addressed sufficiently in Tennessee?

Most drivers in Davidson County, Tennessee, understand that texting while driving is a bad decision that can have deadly consequences. Unfortunately, statistics indicate that driver texting and distraction is still a serious problem in Tennessee. In fact, the National Safety [...]
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Novartis drugs were recalled due to possible contamination

One of the most recent drugs recalls that Nashville residents should be aware of involves over five million samples that were distributed to physicians to pass out to their patients. According to reports, the massive recall actually started in the summer of 2013 and has [...]
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Surgical robots recalled due to danger posed to patients

Advancements in technology have greatly influenced the medical industry. Today, Nashville surgeons can rely on minimally invasive robots to perform more accurate surgeries while also cutting down on a patient's recovery time. However, like all machines these robots are not [...]
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