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December 2013 News

Swing-door elevators continue to cause death and injury to kids

In this day and age, life is so technologically advanced that individuals in Nashville and nationwide have come to rely heavily on machines to benefit them. As such, it can become easy to feel comfortable around common machinery; however, it can also be simple to forget that [...]
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Exploding gas cans cause of many wrongful death and injury suits

Product manufacturers have a duty to test their goods and ensure that they are safe before they are put on the market. Similarly, retailers and distributers also have an obligation to pull items off of their shelves if they come to the knowledge that they are defective in some [...]
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Ford recalls Escape crossover vehicle for the 7th time

When vehicles are recalled due to defects, the consumer public often loses trust in that vehicle's ability to keep passengers, motorists and pedestrians safe. In some instances, however, the vehicle manufacturer doesn't face much retribution following an auto recall.
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Lawsuit against pharmaceutical company yields a $4 million payout

When women are pregnant they must adhere to strict guidelines in order to ensure that their child is born as healthy as possible. They are discouraged from drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco, no matter how much it may seem to enhance the Nashville nightlife. While those are [...]
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