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November 2013 News

Woman claims hip replacement caused metal poisoning

It is well known that many people have had issues with DePuy hip replacements. Individuals from Nashville and across the nation have complained of hip fractures associated with the implant as well as pain, inflammation and prolonged discomfort. Recently, a woman filed a lawsuit [...]
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Tennessee man and 3 others claim defective bow injured them

When you buy products and use them according to the manufacturer's guidelines, likely the furthest thing from your mind is that you may be injured by them. However, one Tennessee man and three others are claiming that is exactly what happened in a lawsuit that focuses on the [...]
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Man drinks Red Bull and dies, wrongful death suit filed

In this day and age, it seems like Nashville residents have more obligations and less time. Looking for a caffeinated pick-me-up is a popular approach to help make the most out of every day. Energy drinks are a common caffeine source, and are guzzled by many on a daily basis. [...]
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NHTSA doesn't believe defect caused Tesla electric car fire

The Tesla Model S electric luxury sedan has garnered a great reputation as one of the safest vehicles on the roadways. However, fast forward to recent events and consumers in Nashville and nationwide are wondering how safe the Model S really is.
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