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March 2012 News

Nashville house damaged after car crashes into the side

No one was hurt in a car crash that left neighbors stunned earlier this month. The driver told police that she swerved to avoid a small animal and then lost control the car before she careened into a home in a Nashville neighborhood. A bystander told reporters that the car [...]
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Regulators investigate safety issues in Ford Taurus models

Federal regulators have received about 14 complaints about sticky accelerators on Ford Taurus models, according to an announcement issued by the National Highway Safety Administration. The investigation may lead to a recall. Safety regulators say that the 2005 and 2006 model [...]
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Preventing distracted driving: can technology intervene?

Every parent of a teenager worries about the day their child finally passes the driver's test and utters the terrifying words "can I borrow the car?" Parents come up with different rules to try to keep their kids safe, such as no driving at night or no more than one passenger. [...]
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Regulators target rental car safety standards

Enterprise Rent-a-Car company has recently changed course and is now supporting legislative efforts to increase oversight on rental cars. The issue came in to focus several years ago, when a PT Cruiser owned by the company caught fire in a crash. The car had been subject to a [...]
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Lindsey Lohan accused of hit-and-run

Troubled actress Lindsey Lohan has been accused of hitting a pedestrian and speeding away from a nightclub early Wednesday morning. Ms. Lohan has faced near constant legal problems, and this accident likely violates her probation. In addition to criminal charges, Ms. Lohan could [...]
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Ignition interlocks shown to be effective in preventing DUIs

Safety advocates say that new data on ignition interlocks shows that the devices help prevent drunk driving. Drunk driving is a leading cause of car accidents and traffic fatalities in the United States. Lawmakers continue to look for ways to prevent people from driving under [...]
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Tennessee DUI accidents spur debate on who is responsible

Several recent tragic car accidents have revived the debate among bar owners, lawmakers, and safety advocates about how to prevent drunken driving crashes. Current law holds bar owners in Tennessee liable in limited circumstances for the consequences of the drinks they serve. 21 [...]
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Study shows older drivers are at a higher risk for car accidents

A new study shows that drivers 65 and older are involved in about 17 percent of traffic fatalities. This number is expected to grow as the baby boom generation, who make up the largest segment of the U.S. population, ages. By 2025, one out of every five drivers will be 65 and [...]
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Appeals court clarifies boundaries of liability for car accidents

The 7th circuit court of appeals recently settled major liability questions based on a 2008 crash involving a VH1 "Rock of Love" truck driver. The multi-car crash occurred when the driver fell asleep at the wheel, causing a severe accident that closed the northbound portion of [...]
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