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February 2012 News

Driving risks emerge as veterans cope with traumatic brain injuries

A recent review of veteran driving records reveals that service members are 13 percent more likely to cause an accident after deployment, particularly within the six months after an overseas tour. The numbers point to a very personal problem for many veterans - that driving is [...]
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Headphones increase fatality risk in car-pedestrian accidents

After it was learned that a teenager who had been killed by a train was listening to headphones when he walked onto the railroad tracks, researchers wanted to determine whether headphones play a part in auto-pedestrian accidents, injuries and fatalities. What they found was [...]
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Snow causes major pileup in Campbell County

Paramedics are on the scene of a major pileup in Campbell County, Tennessee. A snowstorm blew through the area and apparently caught motorists off guard. Authorities say that at least eight semi-trucks, nine cars, and a Greyhound bus are involved in this serious accident. About [...]
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Tennessee to push for quicker car accident clearance times

Tennessee Transportation Commissioner John Schroer and Tennessee Safety Homeland Security Commissioner Bill Gibbons recently announced new rules that will help clear local highways quickly after car accidents. The rules follow a December traffic accident in which hundreds of [...]
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Parents modeling distracted driving for teen drivers

We have covered many serious teen car accidents in previous posts. There are many contributing factors to teen car accidents including driver in experience and driver distraction. Car accidents are the leading killer of teens in the Nashville area and a study from the AAA [...]
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Trooper fights for his job after high speed car accident

Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper is fighting for his job back after his involvement in a high speed crash which killed a 20-year-old driver. The driver died when his car hit a tree and caught fire on Andersonville Pike last November. The young driver's parents recently filed a [...]
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Swerving to avoid animals may cause car accidents

We have covered many car accidents in previous posts which involve drivers who swerve or overcorrect their vehicles. Swerving often creates a great likelihood that a car will leave the road and flip, which is why it should be avoided if all possible. Many people are likely to [...]
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Driving while ill may be as dangerous as drunk driving

Most Nashville car accidents are attributable to poor driving behavior such as speeding or distracted driving. Although most drivers know that it is dangerous to speed or to text while driving, fewer drivers know that their runny nose may be equally as hazardous.
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