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October 2011 News

Halloween may be a dangerous night for Nashville pedestrians

It's trick-or-treat time in Nashville. While many parents are concerned about whether their children will gorge themselves on candy, the most dangerous part of the holiday is not a sugar high. The AAA says that Halloween is the deadliest day of the year for pedestrian accidents [...]
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Tennessee teen crashes car due to "horseplay"

We have covered many Tennessee teen car accidents in previous posts. Car accidents are the leading killer of teens across the country and many of these accidents are attributable to driver inexperience. One facet of driver inexperience is taking unnecessary risks on the road. [...]
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Greeneville woman dies in Nashville car crash

Authorities have identified a woman who died earlier this week in a serious early morning car accident. The crash happened around 3 a.m. Monday on Elm Hill Pike and the intersection of Airlane Drive. Pictures of the crash show a crumpled car in a ditch at the intersection. [...]
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Tennessee lawmaker arrested for drunk driving with weapon

The awkward arrest of one Tennessee lawmaker earlier this week makes it clear that drunk driving is rampant in Nashville. Drunk drivers endanger the lives of everyone on Nashville area roads and frequently cause severe accidents. Representative Curry Todd was arrested on [...]
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Charlie Daniels Band member dies in Nashville car accident

Country star Joel "Taz" DiGregorio died in a car accident on Interstate 40 near Nashville on Wednesday. DiGregorio was a longtime member of the Charlie Daniels Band and help author one of the band's biggest hits.
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Country star says DUI truck accident led him to music

We have covered many drunk driving accidents in previous posts and also several car accidents involving celebrities. One musician who has made quite a name for himself among Nashville's country music elite says that a truck accident led him to pursue his career in music. That [...]
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Teacher dies in Interstate 40 car accident

A dedicated educator was killed in a car accident yesterday on I-40 just outside of Nashville. The educator was a 77-year-old retired teacher at Savannah, Tennessee's Harbert Hills Academy. Although the educator was retired, he would still drive to Nashville to pick up packages [...]
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Wrongful death lawsuits arise out of deadly parade accident

Flowmaster Inc. may be liable for a series of product liability lawsuits filed after a deadly Tennessee parade car accident. The accident occurred during Selmer's 2007 Cars for Kids exhibition. An Australian race driver named Troy Critchley attempted to perform a "burnout" which [...]
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