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June 2011 News

One killed in Nashville drunk driving car accident

Drunk driving car accidents are common in Nashville in throughout Tennessee. Alcohol use impairs a driver's ability to properly control a vehicle and makes it more likely that a driver will strike other vehicles. Alcohol use also impairs a driver's judgment and may make it more [...]
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Man fleeing Nashville traffic stop causes pedestrian-car accident

When Nashville Metro Police attempted to pull over a 28-year-old driver for not having his headlights on during an afternoon rainstorm, the man sped away instead. He jumped a curb and struck a 55-year-old man who was innocently walking on the sidewalk along Arthur Avenue. The [...]
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In a match between a car and pedestrian, the car will always win

A large percentage of accidents that occur on the roadway each day involve two vehicles, and a significant portion of those are considered only minor accidents. Vehicles that weigh several thousand pounds act as a protective barrier for their passengers when involved in smaller [...]
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Tennessee motorcyclist killed in collision with pickup

A 39-year-old Maryville, Tennessee man was killed in a motorcycle accident last week. The manner of the accident highlights the uphill battle motorcyclists may face when they have been involved in an accident.
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Tennessee man with cerebral palsy mistaken for drunk driver

A man from Tennessee who has cerebral palsy recently filed suit against the local sheriff, sheriff's deputies and the court clerk after officers mistook his condition for symptoms of drunkenness and arrested him on suspicion of a DUI.
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Tennessee man dies in motorcycle accident despite wearing helmet

A Tennessee man died recently after being involved in a motorcycle accident even though he was wearing a helmet at the time the accident occurred.
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Tennessee girl dies after truck crashes into horse

Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death of Tennesseans between the ages of 3 and 34. Children are at risk for severe personal injuries from car accidents because their bodies are not as fully developed or as strong as average adult bodies. Child pedestrians hit by cars [...]
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Nashville motorcyclist severely injured in crash

We have covered many motorcycle accidents in previous posts. Although all personal injuries from car and pedestrians accidents can be serious, motorcyclists are especially vulnerable. Motorcyclists frequently suffer from severe injuries such as traumatic brain injuries because [...]
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