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Rely on the FDA for drug recall information

The FDA does everything possible to ensure that a defective drug never makes its way to market. Unfortunately, there are times when this still happens.

When prescribed any type of prescription drug, you should take the time to learn more about the finer details. What is it for? How much should you be taking? Were there recalls in the past?

When a product is removed from the market, regardless of the reason, you should avoid taking it. It's best to consult with your doctor at this point to learn more about your other options.

You can rely on the FDA for drug recall information, as all of these are published on its website.

Any drug recall – Class I, II, and III – should be considered dangerous. Those in Class I are the most serious, as exposure to this product could have serious health consequences or even death.

Just because a drug is recalled does not mean that it will definitely impact your health if you have taken it in the past. At the same time, there is no guarantee that it won't. This is why you should speak with your medical team, including the prescribing doctor and pharmacist, about what went wrong and what you should be doing in the future.

You should definitely rely on the FDA for drug recall information. If you have been impacted in any way by a defective prescription drug, turn your attention to your health and legal rights. This will help you better understand your situation and allow you to move forward in the appropriate manner.

Source: FDA, "Drug Recalls," accessed June 19, 2017

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