BMW issues recall over doors that open unexpectedly

When you spend tens of thousands of dollar on a luxury car like a BMW, you expect it to work perfectly. However, that's not always the case. In some cases, there are serious safety issues. BMW has recalled over 45,000 sedans with model years 2005 through 2008 because the doors can open while the vehicles are in motion.

A similar problem occurred back in 2012, which instigated a recall of thousands of 7-series BMWs. At the time, the automaker blamed a software error for causing the doors to open.

The same vehicles that were included in the 2012 recall are also part of the new recall.

BMW reportedly met with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in April about the issue, and then they issued the recall in May.

A spokesman for BMW says that as soon as they are able to repair the problem, they will send a notice to car owners so that they can schedule an appointment with their local BMW dealer.

Auto makers are becoming more proactive about recalling vehicles when issues are detected. These measures can save lives and also save the manufacturers from costly lawsuits and negative press. That's why it is essential to take action if a vehicle malfunctions and causes injury or worse. This legal action can save other people from injury or worse.

If you or a loved one has had a vehicle malfunction that has caused damage, injury or worse, it's essential to get experienced legal guidance from an experienced Tennessee attorney who can help you seek justice and compensation.

Source: Automotive News, "BMW recalls older 7-series cars for doors that could fly open," Katie Buda, May 26, 2017

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