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No clear explanation for why BMWs have caught fire

When people buy luxury vehicles, they expect to have minimal issues with them. They certainly don't anticipate that they will burst into flames.

However, according to a report by ABC News, almost 40 BMWs have done just that within the past five years. The cars were all parked at the time of the fires. The reason is still unknown.

BMW has not announced any recalls on the models of the vehicles involved. The company has said that it has found no pattern in the fires "related to a quality or component failure." It added, "Vehicle fires can result from a wide variety of external reasons unrelated to product defect." The German auto maker has downplayed the fires, noting that it has some five million cars on the road.

One auto expert offered a possible explanation for the fires in parked cars, including one that the owner said hadn't been used in several days when it burst into flames and required a fire crew to put it out. The expert said that electronic systems in newer cars never actually fully shut down when the driver turns off the engine.

Although BMW has not yet recalled any of their vehicles due to these fires, the company has offered owners either cash or discounts on replacement parts for their damaged or destroyed vehicles.

While fortunately there are no reports of injuries or deaths due to whatever type of defect there may be, many vehicle problems can result in serious harm and fatalities. If you don't believe that an auto maker has adequately dealt with a problem that caused damage to your vehicle or worse, a Tennessee attorney experienced in product liability claims can provide guidance and support.

Source: newschannel5.com, "Report finds dozens of parked BMWs have unexplained fires," Justin Boggs, May 11, 2017

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