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How can I protect my medical devices from hackers?

Believe it or not, hackers can access your medical devices. It has happened before and will likely happen again so long as technology exists. Keeping your medical devices secure is just as important as protecting your online profiles, financial accounts and other accounts that use passwords. So, how can I protect my medical devices from hackers?

The first thing you should do when protecting your medical devices from hackers is to change passwords from default ones to original ones. Default passwords are commonly known and will be the first ones hackers attempt when they seek to access your devices.

Encrypt all data when the device is resting. When data is at rest, it is being stored. When data is in motion, it is being transmitted between devices. When data is in use, it is being analyzed. Perform backups to the data and the operating system of the devices as often as possible. All backups should be encrypted in order to protect patient information should a hack occur.

Before you purchase any new medical devices, be sure to ask for security test results. The device should meet the security requirements of the office or hospital. It also should not be connected to the network before it is tested. The device should be tested for encryption, patches to the operating system, authentication and the version of virus protection.

Have the ability to fix patches that resolve one issue but cause another. Never leave any new issues unattended as they can open the door for hackers.

Regular audits of the devices and network should also be performed. This helps ensure that the network is working properly and configured properly. If configuration changes without anyone's knowledge, this could be the sign of a hacker. Any changes to the network or configuration could lead to problems with all of your medical devices.

If you or a loved one has had an experience with defective medical devices, a knowledgeable products liability lawyer in Nashville, Tennessee, can provide you with information about seeking compensation.

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