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Honda and Takata sued in United States by Malaysian family

A Malaysian family has sued both Honda and Takata in a United States court over the death of the family's wife. The woman's death is one of 16 blamed on airbag defects. The husband of the deceased woman filed the lawsuit and wants the companies to disclose more information about the defects.

The accident that killed the 29-year-old woman actually occurred in Malaysia. The woman was driving a Honda City that hit a pole and skidded into a ditch in the eastern Sabah state on April 16 of 2016. The woman died almost instantly from the crash. An autopsy performed found shrapnel from a Takata airbag inflator lodged in her skull.

The lawsuit was filed on May 1 in U.S. District Court in Michigan by the victim's husband. The father of the victim told reporters the family decided to sue when Takata issued a guilty plea in February, agreeing to pay $1 billion in penalties due to the company concealing the airbag defect that was blamed for 11 deaths in the United States and five more in Malaysia.

More than 100 million airbag inflators have been recalled across the globe and more than 180 injuries have occurred worldwide because of the defect.

Dozens of lawsuits have been filed regarding the defective airbags against Honda, Nissan, Toyota, BMW and Ford. The lawsuits claim that all of the manufacturers listed above had knowledge of the Takata airbags being unsafe prior to installing them in millions of their vehicles. All of the automakers named in lawsuits claim they shouldn't be held liable because they say Takata deceived them.

The family reportedly refused a settlement offer from Takata and Honda that included a condition that the family would remain silent.

"I refuse to let my wife die in vain. By telling her story, we hope Takata and Honda will do more, particularly in Malaysia, to notify everyone with impacted cars that they are potentially deadly," the husband said in a release.

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Source: Manufacturing.net, "Malaysian Family Sue Honda, Takata In US Over Airbag Defect," Eileen Ng, May 03, 2017

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