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Dangers of buying medicine on the Internet

Buying medicine can be dangerous enough when purchasing it over the counter, especially if you do not do a little research beforehand. If you decide to purchase medicine over the Internet, you could run into quite a bit of trouble. Here are the dangers of buying medicine on the Internet.

One of the biggest warning signs out there when buying medicine on the Internet is that the website is not from the United States. Other signs of an unsafe website from which to buy drugs include the following:

-- Provide you with the wrong drug or other dangerous product for the illness

-- Sent you drugs with unknown origin or quality

-- No contact by phone information is provided

-- Personal information might not be protected

-- Prices offered are considerably lower than the competition

-- Offers to sell prescription drugs without the patient presenting a prescription

Purchasing drugs from the Internet can lead to the receipt of counterfeit drugs. You can determine if you've been sent counterfeit drugs by observing any of the following signs:

-- Causes dangerous side effects

-- Be contaminated

-- Contain the wrong active ingredient

-- Provide zero help for the disease or illness the drug is intended to help

-- Packaged in phony packaging that is made to look legitimate

-- Contain too much of an active ingredient

-- Contain no active ingredients

-- Made with the incorrect amount of ingredients

The best way to avoid any issues with drugs purchased on the Internet is to only buy the drugs from websites licensed by your state that are located in the United States.

Never buy drugs from a website that offer to prescribe a drug to you for the first time without actually conducting a physical examination of your condition.

An experienced personal injury attorney can answer all of your questions regarding dangerous medicine and wrongful death. Contact our firm today to discuss your case.

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