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How to report a defective product

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, there are steps you can take to prevent someone else from being injured, or even killed. Defective products can be reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission via the agency's website. All you need is information surrounding the product in order to file a report.

There are eight important pieces of information you must provide when filing a report to the CPSC. The first four surround the product and the incident where you were injured:

- Description of the substance or product.

- Name of the importer, manufacturer, or private labeler of the product.

- Description of an injury, illness, or death or risk of injury, illness, or death that can be caused by using the product.

- The date of the incident or date when you first realized the product was dangerous.

The next four pieces of information needed to file a report with the CPSC center around your information:

- Description of you: consumer, medical professional, government agency.

- Your name and mailing address. Information will not be published on the CPSC website, but is required to file a report.

- Grant permission for the CPSC to publish your report on their website minus your personal information.

- Verification from you that the information provided is truthful and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

Filling out a report with the CPSC online allows you to upload photos and other documents. Photos can be of the product, damaged property or even of injuries sustained by you or a loved one from using the product. Other documents you could upload include medical reports, receipt proving you purchased the item and where it was purchased as well as the product's safety manual or warranty information.

An experienced products liability attorney can answer all of your questions surrounding a defective product in Nashville, Tennessee, and explain your rights if injured by such a product.

Source: CPSC, "File a Defective Product Report," accessed April 18, 2017

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