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Samsung Note 7 could return following recalls for fires

The much-maligned Samsung Note 7 could return to the market following recalls for fires. The phone could return refurbished or as rental phones following the recalls, according to Samsung, which has admitted considering bringing the recalled phones back onto the market.

Samsung did go as far to say that it will consult with regulatory entities before putting the recalled phone back on the market. The company will also take a look at local demand before making any final decisions. Samsung also noted it will talk with carriers about possibly bringing back the phone to get their opinions.

Samsung did not give a date for when the phones could possibly hit the market again or which countries would be getting the phones.

The Note 7 was pulled by Samsung after dozens of the phones caught fire. The initial recall was for one set of Note 7 phones, but even replacement ones were having issues. The spontaneous fires, of which many were documented in videos on YouTube, prompted the company to recall millions of phones. The recall cost the company $5.3 billion of earnings.

Since the first recall was issued Samsung conducted dozens of tests on the phones to determine the cause of the fires. The company has blamed the fires on multiple manufacturing defects and design defects in batteries that were made by two companies. Due to the findings, Samsung could put the phones back on the market with safer batteries to avoid fires.

Samsung said that it will use components and parts of phones not returning to the market for other projects and will recycle what they cannot use. The announcement about the Note 7 came just days prior to the company's announcement about its new phone, the Galaxy S8.

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Source: Journal Star, "Samsung's fire-prone Note 7 phone may return after recalls," March 28, 2017

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