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Common auto defects that lead to car accidents

Car accidents can be quite scary, no matter the severity. Most accidents are caused by driver error, but there are times when they are caused by auto defects. When a vehicle has a defect, there is not much the driver can do to control the situation. Because of this, the car accident could turn tragic. Below is a list of the most common auto defects that lead to car accidents.

- Airbags that do not deploy or deploy at the wrong time

- Seat belts that do not lock

- Steering column that locks up or does not turn in the right direction

- Ineffective brakes

- Accelerator that suddenly gets stuck

- Tires that break or fall apart from the car

- Transmission

- Electrical system that causes loss of headlights or causes fire

- Wheels that crack or break

- Windshield wipers that do not clear the windshield

- Floor mats that get stuck under the pedals

- Window glass that shatters when using it

There are two ways a victim can suffer an injury from auto defects. The first is that the defective vehicle is the actual cause of the accident due to a tire blow out, failed steering, the ignition turns off or any other reason mentioned earlier. The second is that the vehicle defect caused the victim to suffer a more serious injury during an accident he or she would not have suffered in an accident without a defect involved. For example, the seat belt failed, the airbag failed to deploy or the roof of the car collapsed during a rollover.

A claim for an auto defect injury can be filed against multiple entities, including the car manufacturer, the manufacturer of the part that was defective, the distributor of the car and even the car dealer. Compensation can be sought for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, property damage and more.

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