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The most often replaced auto parts in Tennessee

Owning a vehicle comes with plenty of responsibility, including having proper insurance and a driver's license. You must know the rules of the road everywhere you drive and adhere to the laws governing travel in the state of Tennessee.

A big responsibility of owning a vehicle is making sure it passes inspection and has the proper running parts. A vehicle that is left to rot and not cared for can lead to an accident that could cause you or someone else serious injury or death. Owning a car means you must be able to keep it in good running condition so it does not malfunction on the road.

Some of the most often replaced auto parts in Tennessee include windshield wiper blades, oil and oil filter, the battery, brake pads, light bulbs and the air filter. These are minor parts that are typically replaced every couple of years to improve the efficiency of the vehicle.

The more important auto parts that should be replaced often include tires, belts, fuel pump and fuses.

Tires are very important because they keep your vehicle operating safely on the roads. Tires should be replaced every five to seven years, especially if you drive long distances quite often, piling up the mileage. Your tires should also be replaced two at a time, on the same axle, if one suffers a blowout.

Fuses are important to the safety of the vehicle operation because they ensure that the electrical items work properly. Fuses may or may not blow during the life of your vehicle, but when they do, they should be replaced immediately. All replacement fuses must be replaced with the same AMP rating as the ones that were in there previously. Never put in a fuse with a higher AMP rating than the one that was in the fuse box. This can cause major electrical problems.

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