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Why Should I Register My Products?

Registering your products is good for you and the company. It may seem like a waste of time, but there are benefits to consider.

Registering the product in a timely manner lets the company know that you purchased their product and when you purchased it, but it also validates warranties and allows the company to inform you about any recalls that occur. We all want to be informed, and registering your product is a great way to keep track of the products in your home, and all the updates that come with them.


We've got five reasons to consider registering that shiny new blender, electronic device, or kids toy.

  1. Register children's products so the manufacturer can inform you of recalls. This mostly applies to the larger toys with moving parts or an electronic feature. Companies don't want to have to recall products. It's in their best interest to produce a quality product that does what it is intended to do. However, things happen, and products need to be recalled from time to time, and you'll want to know.

  2. You'll receive product updates and support because you registered. For software products specifically, registering your product gets you into the company's system and allows them to send you updates to the product as they come out.

  3. Registering your product will help the manufacturer address issues quicker if they arise. The company will have dates, serial numbers, and other valuable product information on-hand because you filled out the registration form.

  4. You'll get the most out of your warranty if you register the product, especially if it was a gift and you do not have a proof of purchase (a receipt). That new TV you just purchased probably comes with a warranty, and registering your product ensures that you get the full benefits of the warranty.

  5. There may be an incentive associated with registering your product. Some companies may extend the warranty to those who register their product.

How do I register my product?

Registering your product should only take a few minutes. Most products will have a registration card that you fill out and mail to the company. In the digital age, there may also be a way to register your product online, saving time and money.


You never know when a problem will arise with a product, and it's best to register that product so that you, the consumer, can stay informed. 

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