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$1 billion verdict against Johnson & Johnson for hip implants

A $1 billion verdict has been reached for the defective medical product Pinnacle hip implant from Johnson & Johnson, according to The Legal Examiner.

The cases of six plaintiffs were heard over the past two months and a Texas jury determined that Johnson & Johnson, along with DePuy Orthopedics, should pay $1.041 billion.

It took the jury just two days to reach the verdict, which includes $32 million for compensatory damages and $1.009 billion in punitive damages.

The companies involved in the trial were found liable on charges of failure to warn of the malfunctioning medical product, negligence and design defects.

The companies were also found liable on multiple counts of conspiracy based on the handling and representation of the device.

The Pinnacle hip implant was finally removed from the market back in 2013 after years of studies. The studies found that the metal-on-metal devices could cause excessive damage to the tissue in the body from metal wear. The studies also found that the metal-on-metal devices had a higher rate of failure.

It is expected that the companies will appeal the verdict from the jury, but no announcement has been made.

This was the third trial of 2016 regarding the defective medical product.

The attorneys for Johnson & Johnson and DePuy continue to defend the actions of both companies regarding the hip replacement product.

Despite their defense, a settlement was reached in 2013 for the ASR metal-on-metal hip replacement in order to resolve the claims filed by those injured.

A voluntary market removal by Smith & Nephew, Inc. USA occurred last month for its SMF and Modular REDAPT Revision Femoral Hip Systems because of their high rates of failure.

Qualified personal injury law firms in Nashville and Davidson have helped many people over the years deal with injuries and emotional pain caused by a defective medical product. If you find yourself in pain or struggling to walk due to defective metal-on-metal hip implants, take the initiative to learn more about your legal rights in Tennessee.

Source: The Legal Examiner, "Johnson & Johnson hit with $1 billion verdict for Pinnacle hip implants," Emily Beeson, Dec. 04, 2016

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