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Tennessee motorcyclist suffers brain damage in accident

We often talk about the dangers of motorcycle accidents, citing how frighteningly common it is for motorcyclists to die in accidents that may seem minor. Unfortunately, while the threat of fatality may be the largest concern for motorcyclists, it is far from the only concern. When it comes to motorcycle accidents, even if the biker is lucky enough to survive, they may be facing incredible injuries, not the least of which could be serious brain damage.

Brain damage is quite possibly the most serious type of injury that a human being can suffer, because unlike other injuries, full recovery may not be possible. While broken bones will eventually mend, and bruises will fade, brain damage can affect the rest of your life in ways that may seem unimaginable. For example, brain damage may make it difficult for you to speak or may impair your basic motor functions, meaning that you could require living assistance for the rest of your life.

This horrible possibility is a tragic reality for one Tennessee family comprised of a Fort Campbell soldier, his wife and their five children. Police say that the soldier was riding his motorcycle when he was hit by a car and has since remained in a University Medical Center where he has since had multiple surgeries. His extensive list of injuries includes spinal fracture, broken bones in his hands and arms, broken ribs, lacerations to internal organs and more. To make matters worse, it was recently confirmed that the victim's frontal lobe has suffered damage.

As severe as the broken bones and injured organs are, proper medical care will likely be able to heal them in time. Unfortunately, depending on the extent of his brain injuries, no amount of doctor visits will be able to make him the same man he was before the accident. This is why victims of motorcycle accidents or any type of accident should be especially wary of brain injury. Victims who suspect that they have suffered a brain injury are encouraged to seek medical attention immediately and enlist the aid of an attorney to help them recover compensation for their injuries.

Source: WKRN, "Fort Campbell soldier remains in trauma unit after motorcycle crash," Talia Kaplan, Aug. 26, 2015

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