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How long do I have to file a motorcycle accident injury claim?

If you have ever had to file a lawsuit for an injustice against you, be it a crime or a simple act of negligence, you are probably familiar with the phrase "statute of limitations." A statute of limitations is a time by which a claim must be filed in order for a victim to have a strong chance of being compensated for any wrongdoing. After a statute of limitations for an incident has expired, it may be impossible to recover damages, even if you have a concrete claim.

This may seem like a strange concept designed specifically to punish victims of accidents, but the truth is that statute of limitations is placed in effect in order to protect and maintain the integrity of factors in a case. For example, if an eyewitness is used as evidence to prove key circumstances of an accident, that witness' recollection of the events will be much more reliable in the months following an accident, but significantly less reliable after five years. Statute of limitations also exists in order to keep injured victims from being able to threaten a lawsuit against others after a certain period of time.

There are many different statute of limitations for various different incidents, but those who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents such as motorcycle accidents will need to worry about the statute of limitations for injury to person, which is one year in Tennessee.

What this means is that a year after a motorcycle accident, you will likely be unable to recover compensation for injuries that you suffered, even if you can prove that another party was responsible for your injuries. This is why it is extremely important for Tennessee motorcycle accident victims to meet with an attorney as quickly as possible and take action if they have been injured in a motorcycle accident.

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